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Leadership Team

Donna Mandau, BA – Founder, President & CEO, Director

In combination with 30+ years of experience in executive management, senior leadership, finance, investor relations, operations, business development for private and public companies, Donna brings strategic direction and vision to the organization and offers business management expertise.  Donna is currently working to complete an Executive Management MBA and has achieved a degree from the University of Alberta.

Donna’s entrepreneurial leadership and passion is responsible for the business development of a clean technology company, its operations initiatives, development of strategic partnerships and stakeholder relationships, investor relations and supporting the overall marketing and advertising platforms in elevating the company’s business model and vision.  Her prior work as an entrepreneur was working with a technology and engineering team where Donna came to realize graphene as a valuable solution to that market sector.  Conducting further research into graphene, Donna realized the immense potential and business opportunity to exploit the properties of graphene and formed a team of like-minded individuals looking for technology solutions utilizing graphene for applications solutions to serve Alberta and Canada that would support global initiatives.

Donna’s vision in founding GLC is to develop graphene innovative solutions to serve global markets and enable technological, environmental and economic advancement for Canada; to provide opportunities worldwide for humanitarian advancement through stewardship that embodies responsible planning and management of our environment to serve our planet.

Imran Ally, BCom., CPA, CA – Vice President, Finance & Business Planning

Imran Ally has over 25 years of leadership experience in the areas of financial management, financing, business analysis, risk management, strategic planning, accounting, financial reporting, operational monitoring and reporting, information systems management, procurement, contracts, and corporate governance.

He undertook his CA articles with one of the big four accounting firms where he developed a strong foundation in internal controls and processes, risk assessment, financial analysis, and business analysis, in addition to accounting, auditing, and tax. Imran also spent time in the business financing industry developing a solid understanding of the attributes and information required to obtain and maintain funding from lenders and investors.

Imran has had extensive involvement with start-up and mid-market companies where, in addition to the usual reporting and regulatory compliance responsibilities, his major contributions included involvement in strategic planning, forecasting, and careful management of funding requirements, cash flows, and risks.    He has managed through periods of start-up, growth, stability, and contraction, and has a strong understanding of strategies and actions required during such phases.

His most recent experience was the role of CFO for the Canadian division of a publicly traded international engineering firm, where, among other things, he was responsible for ensuring adherence to parent company governance, control, and reporting practices in various areas, in addition to stringent cash flow management

Dr. Leah Coumont, PhD – Director Research and Development

Dr. Coumont holds PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta for her work preparing functional organic polymers and self-assembled carbon nanomaterials. Over the course of her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees she has accumulated over 10+ years of experience in working with functional organic materials, with a focus on organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, materials characterization, nanomaterials research, and device preparation.

Driven by a strong desire to make a positive contribution to the scientific community, she has developed exceptional expertise in organic materials for electronic applications (polymer light emitting diodes and solar cells), and carbon-based nanomaterials for environmental applications (sensing and CO2 sequestration).

To continue to pursue her love of carbon based materials and investigate their exciting future applications, Dr. Coumont has joined Graphene Leaders Canada to help develop safe and efficient graphene-based products to solve environmental problems. Dr. Coumont leads a team of 3 PhD’s focused in environment and coatings product development, and a team of 4 technical MSc-Chemistry and senior laboratory technologists.

Jim McKillop, FCA, ICD.D – Business  Finance Advisor

Jim is a seasoned Financial Executive with nearly 35 years of unique corporate experience in the areas of corporate governance, major systems development and integration, strategic planning, real estate management, merger management, procurement & outsourcing, regulation and all areas of financial management in the financial services, food, telecommunications and mining industries. Jim’s most recent executive role was as Chief Financial Officer of ATB Financial from 2004 – 2015.

Through the business presentations held by Graphene Leaders Canada, Jim recognized the significant opportunity and growth potential of GLC and has offered to support GLC in Financial guidance and business advice as to assist in the future development of the Company.

Kenneth McKinnon, QC ICD.D – Legal Advisor

Mr. McKinnon is a senior executive skilled at providing finance, strategic and legal services in the public and private marketplace. He has successfully worked with small management teams and entrepreneurs to grow organizations into significant business, and he provides a well-rounded business solution approach to problem solving.

Mr. McKinnon is the Past President of the University of Calgary Alumni Association and sits on the Management Advisory Committee of the Haskayne School of Business. He recently stepped down as a member of the Board of Governors of the University of Calgary, where he sat on various Committees including Vice-Chair of the HR and Governance and Chair of Budget. Mr. McKinnon is the recipient in 2014 of the Order of the University of Calgary and the 2007 Management Alumni Excellence (MAX) Award from the University of Calgary – Haskayne School of Business. Mr. McKinnon obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary majoring in accounting in 1980, his LLB from Queen’s University in 1983 and was admitted to the Alberta Law Society in 1984, and the Law Society of England and Wales in 1994.