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Coatings. The corrosion and wear of production and transportation pipelines represents a major economic and environmental challenge to the oil and gas industry. Energy companies in particular suffer from pipeline rupture and cracking due to interior and exterior corrosion, causing oil leakage and spillage into the environment. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), a worldwide corrosion authority, has estimated that pipeline corrosion in oil and gas industries cost $7 billion annually which is higher than the annual cost of natural disasters including hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. According to the US Department of Transportation, more than 2.5 million miles of pipelines exist in US alone, enough pipeline to circle the earth about 100 times. These pipelines are exposed to severe corrosive environmental and operating conditions leading to hundreds of oil and gas release incidents annually. In addition to the repair cost and lost profit, leakage incidents can lead to catastrophes and fatal injuries, and create challenging environmental issues which are often untreatable. In response pipeline safety issues, both the National Energy Board (Canada) and the US Department of Transportation are implementing measures that promote pipeline safety and security. Therefore, the development of mitigation technologies utilizing state-of-the-art coating materials that can reduce corrosion and wear, and eliminate the negative impacts on the environment is paramount.

GLC will engage the oil & gas sector and focus on pipe coatings and composites in order to provide graphene nanointermediate solutions which reduce wear, corrosion and leaks in a fashion currently not available through existing processes and technology. Given the geographical proximity of GLC to Alberta based oil & gas companies and Oil Sands in Northern Alberta this segment represents a logical early industry to engage. Customers in this segment include oil & gas companies, Oil Sands companies, pipe coating companies, and pipe producers. This segment also includes solar energy manufacturers and clean tech companies.

GLC’s nanomaterial Platform Products:

  • Lubricity Coating
  • GLC+ Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces