Making great products even greater

Canada’s leader in Graphene production and application solutions

Making great products even greater​

Canada’s leader in Graphene production and application solutions

Response to COVID-19

Graphene Leaders Canada Inc. incorporated GLC Medical Inc. to develop a Covid-19 solution.
GLC Medical Inc. has identified a rapid diagnostics test (under 1 minute) towards the presence of SARS-CoV-2. This end-user friendly sensor eliminates the need for a nasopharyngeal swab as we use saliva as the sample medium. Without the need of a specialist, this point-of-care test reduces the risk of cross contamination and gives people peace of mind in the comfort of their home, or "at the door" of their favourite entertainment venue or any venue that requires social distancing.

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What We Do

We produce disruptive graphene-enhanced technology solutions for an evolving world market

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Our Graphene

Our graphene materials serve as a platform technology to add value across numerous applications. GLC is specifically focused on the environment and coatings markets.


GLC’s production of bulk nanomaterials include Graphene Oxide (GO), Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) and Pristine Graphene (pG) and serve as a platform of products available in customizable solvents and in flake form.


GLC is focused on working with industries to develop solutions by integrating graphene to develop new innovative and first-to-market products and solutions.

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