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Virus Detection Platform

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Having a rapid diagnostic response test kit for COVID-19 and all of it’s variants, delivering results in under 1-minute, that is highly accurate, saliva-based (non-invasive) and easy to use, enables our economy to recover from the pandemic with confidence. Having a platform that can easily and quickly be tailored for future viruses or the next pandemic is critical.

GLCM’s Biosensor Platform delivers a solution to the medical diagnostic industry offering a repeatable, consistent solution and can be tailored to detect multiple viruses and other pathogens and represents a global breakthrough in medical diagnostics by providing real-time virus detection that is unmatched in terms of sensitivity, simplicity, and reproducibility by utilizing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).  Successful implementation of the EIS method, which has been researched over decades as a desirable method of testing, is a breakthrough for GLCM and the medical diagnostics industry.

GLCM is seeking strategic partners to advance this technology into commercialization. Please email for more information.

Advantages of the GLCM's Biosensor Platform

GLCM is the first company to develop a repeatable and consistent electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) medical diagnostic biosensor – breakthrough technology

  • Precise results in under 1 minute
  • Non-Invasive collection method 
  • Unmatched sensitivity that delivers the highest level of detection (LOD)
  • Platform technology, tailorable for the detection of multiple viruses/bacteria
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Point of Care testing
  • Potential for data capture and reporting
  • Capability of reading 10 samples simultaneously, reducing the individuals results time

Looking for more?

We are expanding the global economy. This technology is available to license and will be a monumental product for future generations.
Integratable modules allow our technology to communicate with microelectronics. This can be utilized for real-time updates and relaying data to human resource managers and health associations.
GLC Medical is currently seeking strategic partners and welcomes all inquiries and discussions relating to the advancement of this breakthrough virus detection technology.
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