GLC Production (GLCP) Inc.

We produce high quality, high purity graphene nanomaterials for the commercialization of new and innovative graphene-based technologies across industries.

Who are we?

GLC Production (GLCP) Inc.  is a 100% owned subsidiary of Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc. and is the powerhouse driving mass scale-up of graphene manufacturing for the commercialization of new and innovative graphene-based technologies. GLCP produces high quality, high purity graphene nanomaterials – confirmed with XPS, DLS, AFM, Raman, leveraging GLC’s extensive application expertise. With potential for scale-up of graphene in very large multi-tonne production and the ability to customize the number of graphene layers (monolayer or multilayer sheets).  GLCP uses proprietary world class production and fabrication methods to ensure the delivery of high-performing pristine quality products. 

Production for New Industry Applications

With several IP currently under our belt and several more in development, GLCP’s focus is on producing high quality nanomaterials that can be readily transferred to practical applications in industry. GLCP currently offers first-to-market products and solutions in the Environment & Coatings market. Following the development of GLC Medical’s Tailorable Graphene Virus Biosensor that will be used in its Biosensor Platform, currently underway, GLC is investing heavily on further research and development for pioneering graphene applications in Health Innovation. 

Looking for more?

We are expanding the global economy. Our technology is available to license and will have a monumental impact for future generations.
GLC is currently seeking strategic partners and welcomes all inquiries and discussions.
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