We produce high quality, high purity and large flake graphene nanomaterials which function as a platform technology due to the ability to add value across numerous applications. At GLC, we are focused on the Environment and Coatings markets.

GLC+™ Products and Services


  • High quality, high purity – confirmed with XPS, DLS, AFM, Raman
  • Potential for scale-up (GO or rGO/graphene)
  • Graphene oxide paper is easy to work with and store
  • Readily soluble in water, polar solvents, with little to no agitation needed
  • Monolayer graphene oxide sheets available (thickness ~1-1.2 nm)
  • Flake area ranges between 180 – 1650 nm2 (0.2 – 1.6 µm2)
  • Please contact for product specification sheets

Applications and Services

  • GLC offers high quality nanomaterials
  • GLC has extensive development application expertise
  • GLC is constantly looking for new and innovative ways in
    Making Great Products Even Greater

Product Information

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