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"Making Great Products Even Greater"

Graphene Is the "Super-Material of the 21st Century"

Graphene Leaders Canada is excited to work with companies to develop game-changing solutions that change their competitive advantage in their industry and touch the world with green-technology solutions. 


According to a panel of business and graphene experts attending a November 2023 Technology Summit, the “Graphene Revolution” is exploding. It is expected that by 2030, graphene is going to touch the lives of virtually every person, every day. The demand for graphene is expected to revolutionize the performance of many products and industries creating major economic growth. 

Research and development (R&D) activities help enhance operations, develop new and better goods and services, and boost profits and competitiveness. GLC R&D services assist in implementing cutting-edge technologies and developing new products that are crucial for a business to remain competitive in the face of fast technological innovation. Through R&D development, GLC will work with your company to develop products that are difficult to duplicate by your competitors.

Our History of R&D Collaboration

Graphene is an ideal additive for various applications, including lubricants, coatings, structural materials, energy storage and composites. Graphene can also enhance any application where a liquid additive can give your products a competitive edge. We have successfully completed the development of graphene additives for clients in various industries specifically for their application and offer an affordable material solution to improve product performance.  

Our Offerings: GLC Additives

Our proprietary production process enables us to create custom additives for a specific application. Whether you aim to develop additives for metal parts and surfaces, lubricants, a water-based paint, or any other product idea, GLC is positioned to successfully formulate an additive that delivers the desired properties. Our development options ensure that you can incorporate our customized additive into your product.

Our team of technical experts can help develop your custom additive by offering:

·   Full-Service R&D for new innovation 

·       Consultation services

·       Project planning and project management services

· Specialized literature review services tailored to your project requirements

Project Process: Phased Approach

R&D project will involve one or more development phases based on the
complexity of the project.


Phases include:

·      Phase 1: Feasibility

Initial R&D to determine feasibility of project work. Proof-of-Concept complete.

·      Phase 2: Validation – comprehensive development.

·      Phase 3: Prototype development. The outcome is a product ready for
pilot or field testing.


·      Phase 4: Field/Pilot Testing – Use in real environment.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in having a discussion with us about your products and our services or have an idea where graphene can enhance your product, please contact us at solutions@glcplus.com.

Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy Coating Additive

GLC has the expertise in graphene-enhanced corrosion-resistant coatings and has developed a platform for multiple coatings applications.

Are you tired of traditional coatings that fall short when it comes to durability and protection against corrosion? Our cutting-edge graphene additive-based coating is a game-changer in the industry, setting new benchmarks for performance and reliability. Our graphene-enhanced epoxy coating offers unparalleled resistance against corrosion, ensuring your assets are shielded from the harshest environments. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance and costly repairs due to corrosion damage.

Our graphene additive coating is versatile and suitable for various industries, including:

·       Marine and Offshore

·       Automotive

·       Infrastructure and Construction

·       Aerospace

·       Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Upgrade to our graphene additive-based coating today and experience the difference. Protect your investments, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure long-lasting durability in the face of challenging conditions. Contact us now to learn more about how our corrosion-resistant epoxy coating with graphene additive can transform your projects and assets.

Concrete Additive

At GLC, we are at the forefront of innovation, and our groundbreaking graphene additive can seamlessly be integrated into concrete mix to achieve disruptive improvements. Through rigorous R&D and partnerships with a precast concrete company, we have demonstrated tangible improvements in precast concrete, validating the effectiveness of our graphene additive. Benefits of using our graphene additive include unparalleled strength, enhanced durability, increased flexibility, and sustainability.

We value collaboration and seek to work closely with you to tailor our additive to your specific concrete formulations and production processes. Our graphene additive is poised to set new benchmarks in concrete performance, offering a competitive edge and opening doors to innovative construction projects. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our graphene additive can elevate your concrete production and to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. 

Lubricant Additive

Elevate your skiing adventures with GLC’s cutting-edge ski wax, enriched with graphene for unparalleled performance. Our innovative additive formulation ensures an even distribution of graphene within the wax, providing exceptional durability against repeated wear and enhanced hydrophobic properties for a smoother glide through various snow conditions. Say goodbye to harmful flourocarbons. Step onto the slopes with confidence, knowing that our revolutionary wax combines peak performance with a commitment to a greener, safer skiing environment. Elevate your adventure today with GLC’s graphene-infused ski wax and experience the difference in every glide.

Ready to elevate your skiing experience? Contact us today to get your hands on GLC’s graphene-infused ski wax and embark on a journey of unparalleled performance and eco-conscious skiing.

Polysiloxane Protective Coating Additive

GLC developed Polysiloxane Protective Coating Additive engineered to protect surface against rust, fouling, and more. Experience enhanced hydrophobicity, effortless cleaning, and superior fouling resistance across marine, automotive, and energy applications. Say farewell to corrosion worries as our additive forms an impenetrable barrier, extending surface lifespan by combating rust and oxidation. Enjoy surfaces that stay cleaner for longer, resisting contaminants and biofouling, while effortlessly repelling water and moisture. Simplify maintenance with quick and efficient cleaning, ensuring enduring protection in diverse environments.


Revolutionize your coatings today with GLC’s Polysiloxane Protective Coating Additive, where innovation meets unparalleled performance. Contact us now and elevate your surface protection to new heights, safeguarding your assets against the toughest environmental challenges.

Electroless Nickel Coating Additive

GLC’s Innovative Electroless Nickel coating additive infused with graphene offer Superior Performance. Our pioneering technique integrates graphene seamlessly into aqueous electroless nickel (EN) baths, allowing for simultaneous co-deposition within the nickel phosphorus (NiP) coating. This groundbreaking approach achieves stable graphene dispersion without compromising the bath chemistry, resulting in unparalleled wear resistance against abrasion and boosted lubricity. Experience improved heat transfer properties, optimizing thermal conductivity for enhanced performance in various applications.


Elevate your coatings to unmatched durability and performance levels with GLC’s Electroless Nickel Coating Additive. Contact us today and embrace the future of surface enhancement through our graphene-infused technology.

GLC Success Story

Through all of our development, GLC holds proprietary and trade-secret methodologies to integrate graphene materials into a liquid additive for product development.  This ability to successfully and repeatably produce high-quality liquid dispersions and integration capabilities have provided GLC with world recognition in our ability to develop new product innovation. 

Our technical team, led by Dr. Ushula Tefashe, Chief Science Officer, brings a combination of skills, knowledge and expertise to scientific development and innovation.  Alongside, GLC’s Director of Research, Dr. Leah Coumont, has held the Vice-Chair position since 2018 for the international standardization of graphene materials. 

The GLC team brings extraordinary graphene knowledge and expertise to provide the necessary elements for successful product development.

What is your product – and new development idea that will give you a competitive advantage?  We are here to help you advance your product offerings.

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We are expanding the global economy. Our technology is available to license and will have a monumental impact for future generations.
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