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GLC’s Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces offering a disruptive advantage to standard Electroless Nickel (EN) coatings. GLC has successfully developed and patented a disruptive proprietary graphene formulation with pG that gives up to a 60% improvement to wear-abrasion resistance and improved lubricity and hardness relative to standard EN coating and demonstrates excellent co-deposition of graphene within the graphene/EN composite. While this coating will appeal to high-wear applications, we see many exciting potential next generation products for our GLC coating to include, exceptionally high wear resistance (competitive with hard chrome) heat exchange and corrosion resistance, exploiting the excellent fundamental properties of graphene such as barrier properties and thermal conductivity. The market is driven by increasing demand for wear resistant coatings in emerging markets and high demand from various applications such as oil & gas, industrial, marine, power generation, infrastructure, and transportation.

GLC’s approach and solution to deliver a high-performance wear resistant coating is through our successful incorporation of pristine graphene into electroless nickel coatings. The successful co-deposition of graphene demonstrates a significant positive impact on the properties of the EN composite coating, showing marked improvements to several properties including wear resistance, which also demonstrates improvements to the lubricity of the product.  The GLC+ EN coatings with our patented graphene co-deposition offer longer lifetimes under aggressive operating (high temperatures, high salinity, high abrasion, high H2S) while reducing maintenance costs and lost production related to downtime.

In addition to the excellent improvements to wear resistance relative to standard EN demonstrated by this product, the GLC+™ Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces delivers a disruptive coatings solution to companies to increase their customer base by offering:

  • Dramatically improved lifetimes of coated parts;
  • Significant improvements to wear resistance- improved lifetime when used with abrasive substances;
  • Reduction of maintenance cost and downtime;
  • Long-lasting stable chemistry for sustained co-deposition of graphene and EN;
  • Improvements to physical properties allowing thinner, lighter coatings to improve product transport through pipelines;
  • Good lubricity resulting in reduction of friction and improved transport speed of product.

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While current solutions such as reverse osmosis exist, and are widely used in the desalination of seawater, the water they produce is expensive. While this is less of an issue for countries with inexpensive energy costs, it puts the technology beyond the reach of most of the world’s population. Any new solution for water issues needs to be able to demonstrate precise control over pore sizes, be highly resistant to fouling and significantly reduce energy use.  Nanotechnology has long been recognized as this solution with a focus of creating a structure with the correct size nanoscale pores to develop a better filter, in addition to possessing extraordinarily high surface areas, and the ability to tune the surface chemistry to remove trace contaminants through adsorption or catalysis. Fortunately, developments in the ‘wonder material’ graphene are expected to change the economics of water. 

GLC is engaged in the environmental market segment, specifically water treatment and purification. GLC has already received significant interest from industry to develop application formulations relating to water purification. Customers in this segment include water and wastewater treatment facilities, water purification companies, municipalities, and companies whose business requires the treatment of effluents before discharging into the municipal sewage system.

GLC is also engaged with mining customers with a focus on development of sustainable treatment and filtration solutions. We understand that the solutions employed must be able to satisfy regulatory agency requirements and improve the bottom-line. GLC understands that our solutions must be compatible with our customers’ operating environment that includes widely fluctuating market conditions, commodity markets, and thin operating margins.

Given the demand for environmental solutions, Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc. has introduced GLC+™ Selenium Adsorbent Technology to the market, a novel granular adsorbent harnessing the high surface area and excellent tailorability of graphene oxide (GO) in a nanocomposite material designed to remove selenium from water. Our material has been studied in batch and continuous flow conditions and has been observed to consistently remove selenite and selenate from lab water samples with removal efficiencies of up to 100% over a wide range of pH values (from pH2- pH8). Recent preliminary trials with real mining effluent at operational pH have indicated up to 60% removal of selenium with low adsorbent loading. Trials are currently underway to achieve 100% removal using elevated amounts of selenium adsorbent.

Selenium has emerged as a water treatment contaminant of concern in industries such as mining, oil refining, and power generation.   The global water & wastewater treatment market is expected to reach USD 674.72 billion by 2025, driven by the rising demand for freshwater for drinking, industrialization and agriculture. Treated water is suitable for various end-uses such as river flow maintenance, drinking, the supply of industrial water and irrigation.  The annual water treatment market for hard-rock mining is expected to grow 85 percent over the next five years, from roughly $9 billion in 2016 to $17 billion by 2021, according to Bluefield Research.

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