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Global Water Scarcity & Cleanliness. Water is expected to become in shorter supply as the global population growth accelerates. The 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report ranked Water Crises as the third highest of all risks, higher than Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Spread of Infectious Diseases (pandemics). Our reliance on the availability of fresh water is essential to our earth and our growing populations, however, the United Nations World Water Development Report 2017 indicates a 60% global shortage between forecasted water demand and available supply within the next twelve years – by 2030. There is a clear relationship between water availability, health, food production and the potential for civil unrest.

GLC’s nanomaterial Platform Products:

  • Aerogel & Hydrogel
  • G+ Fiber
  • G+ Filtration Platform – Water/Air Purification


Environment-Filtration. While current solutions such as reverse osmosis exist, and are widely used in the water desalination of seawater, the water they produce is expensive. While this is less of an issue for countries with inexpensive energy costs, it puts the technology beyond the reach of most of the world’s population. Any new solution for water issues needs to be able to demonstrate precise control over pore sizes, be highly resistant to fouling and significantly reduce energy use.  Nanotechnology has long been recognized as this solution with a focus of creating a structure with the correct size nanoscale pores to develop a better filter. Fortunately, developments in the ‘wonder material’ graphene are expected to change the economics of water.

GLC is engaged in the environmental market segment, specifically water treatment and purification. GLC has already received significant interest from industry to develop application formulations relating to water purification. Customers in this segment include water and wastewater treatment facilities, water purification companies, municipalities, and companies whose business requires the treatment of effluents before discharging into the municipal sewage system. GLC has begun discussions with Lockheed Martin to support their graphene film based filter membrane program for safe drinking water leveraging the agreement signed recently with the Alberta government. (Alberta and Lockheed Martin Move Solutions to Markets 2014) Specific opportunities in Alberta include energy tailings pond reclamation, blue/green algae in lakes & ponds, water treatment, and environmental sensors.

Environment-Filtration. GLC will engage with mining customers with a focus on development of sustainable treatment and filtration solutions. We understand that the solutions employed must be able to satisfy regulatory agency requirements and improve the bottom-line. GLC understands that our solutions must be compatible with our customers’ operating environment that includes widely fluctuating market conditions, commodity markets, and thin operating margins.

The global graphene segment of nanotech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 58.7% from 2015 through 2020, with North America marked as one of the four key markets for graphene formulations and applications.