Presents at Coal Association of Canada

Donna Mandau, President & CEO and Dr. Leah Coumont, Scientific Lead-Environment of Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc. presented advancements in Selenium (Se) Filtration Technology. Se is a naturally occurring element, which is relatively nontoxic and considered as an essential trace element for life. However, it becomes toxic at higher concentrations beyond recommended levels. The Se toxicity results in teratogenic deformities such as birth defects and reproductive failure in fish and aquatic birds, as well as hair and fingernail loss, kidney and liver damage in humans. Recent studies suggest that the Se concentration in ground water has increased significantly in West-Central Alberta and in Canada and solutions to removal of Se are imperative.

GLC is focused to develop a clean technology, cost effective, environmentally benign, easy processing and recyclable Se filtration solution with high selectivity and is working towards future generations of selective graphene filtration solutions. GLC is focused on providing ecologically friendly products and solutions by reducing or eliminating environmental harm caused by hydrocarbon contaminants and other hazardous wastes through the use of innovative graphene enhanced products and processes involving absorptive and filtration technologies.