Secures Coatings Partner

Graphene Leaders Canada Inc. is pleased to announce it has secured a partner in the coatings industry who will scale to a commercial level the GLC+® Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces, a premier electroless plating coating demonstrating game-changing improvements in wear-abrasion, hardness and lubricity. The partnership will enable the company to begin full-scale development of the coating for deployment to the oil and gas market.

GLC has successfully developed and patented its ELECTROLESS PLATING OF OBJECTS WITH CARBON-BASED MATERIAL, a disruptive proprietary graphene formulation that demonstrates up to a 58% improvement to wear-abrasion resistance and improved lubricity and hardness relative to the standard coating. This coating can be targeted to many exciting industries, including exceptionally high wear resistance (competitive with hard chrome), heat exchange and corrosion resistance industries exploiting the excellent fundamental properties of graphene such as barrier properties and thermal conductivity. There is increasing demand for abrasion resistant coatings in emerging markets and high demand from various applications such as oil & gas, automotive, industrial, military, marine, power generation, infrastructure, and transportation.

“GLC has conducted extensive work in the development of this state-of-the-art graphene-enhanced coatings solution,” said Dr. Leah Coumont, Director of R&D. “The enormous market potential and compelling economic benefits from applying this coating derive from a unique formulation of our graphene nanomaterials into an existing alloy coating, co-depositing a small percentage of the graphene to produce a disruptive improvement in performance and the overall lifetime of products under high-wear conditions”.

Extensive third-party testing has demonstrated success in the development of a first-to-market electroless coating solution that demonstrates GLC’s industry-leading expertise in graphene-enhanced products and application development capabilities. GLC’s partnership to scale this product into market will demonstrate a world-leading graphene application with significant market reach.

"It's very rewarding to see this innovative coating technology move from the research lab to the commercial marketplace where it will demonstrate emerging technology solutions in graphene"
Donna Mandau
CEO, Graphene Leaders Canada