High Quality Graphene Oxide

Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc. introduces its high-quality Graphene Oxide (GO) product for sale to the market. GLC produces high quality graphene materials across all of its product platforms and participates in graphene standardization committees both nationally and internationally. GLC’s graphene oxide materials is of very high quality as recently characterized by the National Research Council of Canada. The analysis shows the degree of oxidation using our production method is very robust, with materially reduced production times, enabling higher production volumes. The product disperses very easily in water; no sonication or pH adjustment is required, avoiding negative effects on the surface chemistry of the GO. The monolayer GO sheets are 1-1.2 nm when dispersed in water and the flake area ranges between 180 – 1650 nm2 (0.2 – 1.6 µm2 ). GLC will be selling its GO product in both water-based dispersion and convenient solid forms.

The high-quality graphene oxide product can be produced in sufficient quantities to eliminate the need for companies and research facilities to produce their own graphene oxide in-house – a process that can be costly and time-consuming. GLC’s material is especially suited to applications in Super capacitors; Solar energy; Graphene semiconductor chips; Conductive graphene film; Graphene computer memory; Biomaterials; and Conductive Inks. The advanced material can be used to significantly improve the thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of polymers and composites. The use of graphene oxide as a starting material also enhances energy and power density in batteries and super capacitors for higher charge storage capacity. From design of experiment to master batches, GLC’s technical team can help companies develop and functionalize graphene-enabled products. GLC combines current world technology to create next generation products.

“We are very pleased to offer such a high-quality GO product and very excited to start marketing our material. Utilizing this material in our Environmental Platform will give GLC the ability to develop more consistent, higherperformance materials.”
Dr. Leah Coumont
Director of Research and Development, Graphene Leaders Canada