Sheikh Abdul Aziz meets with GLC

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali al Nuaimi known as the Green Sheikh came to meet with the Management and Directors of Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc. The Green Sheikh was welcomed for a presentation of work and focus in graphene product solutions that uphold the Sheikh’s global initiatives to serve the environment.

The Green Sheikh noted he was inspired by the team and leadership of GLC and acknowledged that the work being done is a “breakthrough in global water purification”.

GLC’s President and CEO, Donna Mandau, shared with the Sheikh that the vision of the company is to develop innovative graphene solutions to serve global markets and provide opportunities worldwide for human advancement through stewardship that embodies responsible management of our environment.

The United Nations World Water Development Report 2015 indicates a 40% global shortage between forecasted water demand and available supply within the next fifteen years. There is a clear relationship between water availability, health, food production and the potential for civil unrest.