Secures federal contract

Graphene Leaders Canada pleased to announce it has been awarded a $1.2 million contract through the Federal Government for the development of a new graphene-enhanced technology solution in a protective coating for corrosion prevention as to improve and extend the operational life of naval platforms. The contract will provide $200,000 in phase I development and an additional $1 million focused into commercialization of the product.

This new coating innovation compliments GLC’s platform of graphene-enhanced products. GLC’s patented Protective Coating for Metal Surfaces incorporates graphene into a metal composite plating system and has demonstrated improvements to the wear-abrasion resistance up to 58% over the standard coating. GLC’s patented Nano-lubricity coating offers disruptive improvements in the performance of sports equipment. GLC has other coatings work underway with various global partners to deliver a performance improvement to their products and industry.

"The $1.2 million contract will accelerate GLC’s innovation for graphene applications through game-changing research and development helping to launch the next generation of coatings products. The successful award of this contract validates GLC’s expertise and business plan and will open opportunities into the marine and military sectors, further accelerating our graphene-enhanced coatings into successful commercialization."
Donna Mandau
CEO, Graphene Leaders Canada